Uber launches electric scooter service - Curbed

The city of Santa Monica, California has welcomed a new competitor to its scooter-filled streets. Jump scooters, a new service owned and operated by ride-hailing giant Uber, will officially begin operating Wednesday morning, after a soft launch Monday afternoon.

The fleet of 250 cherry red dockless electric scooters, the first such Uber-operated vehicles to hit the street, joins 500 similarly branded Jump electric-bikes already in operation.

Uber is using this trial to showcase its recent commitment to sustainable mobility and car-free transit, and catch up with the micromobility revolution pioneered by companies such as Bird.

The company hopes to show that by integrating cars-for-hire, electric bikes, and scooters in the same service, it can provide more efficient, and environmentally sound, transportation.

“Our overall strategy is to make Uber into a mobility platform,” says Rhea Dookeran, Uber’s Los Angeles-based senior product manager for scooters. “The base thesis is in order to viably replace personal car ownership, people need to have choice.”

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