Twitter consensus on Capital Bikeshare e-bikes: They’re awesome - Mobility Lab

Earlier this month, Capital Bikeshare debuted the newest additions to their fleet: 80 pedal-assist electric bikes (known as e-bikes).

These CaBi+ bikes were deployed throughout Washington DC, Arlington, VA., and Montgomery County, MD. The day that the e-bike fleet launched, my Instagram feed became inundated by stories of friends using the bikes for the first time. The consensus?

OMG. You have to try this.

And then I did. On a rainy Sunday afternoon, I saw a CaBi+ bike in the dock adjacent from my apartment. For members, the electric bikes can be used at no additional expense, and are the same price for single-use trips. I unlocked it and was off. The CaBi+ e-bike provided for a super smooth ride. I felt that I was barely pushing down on the pedals as the electronic assist propelled me forward. Even on the most aggressive of hills, the bike proved triumphant. When I got into the Mobility Lab office the next day, I excitedly recalled my experience.

This is the future.

This sentiment is echoed by Twitter users, who jumped on social media to voice their enthusiasm for the e-bike pilot program. Many remarked how fun their ride was, an important shift in seeing active transportation not just as a tool for commuting but for recreation and fitness.

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