Here’s what Sidewalk Labs’s Toronto smart city could look like - Curbed

Sidewalk Labs has revealed its first peek at a plan to convert a slice of Toronto’s waterfront into a hyper-connected, sustainable neighborhood of the future.

Almost a year ago, Sidewalk Labs chose an 800-acre tract of land along Lake Ontario to prototype a brand-new community in partnership with local redevelopment agency Waterfront Toronto. The plan is to invest $50 million in smart city solutions—“mixing people-centered urban design with cutting-edge technology”—to create a place where anyone can live, work, or visit.

While some renderings of specific Sidewalk Toronto elements have been shared, namely of the streetscapes featuring transportation solutions, there hasn’t been much showing the proposed cohesive look and feel of the entire community. This week, in a presentation to local residents which was shared with Curbed, Sidewalk Labs gave the first idea of what the development could look like.

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