EZ-GO: A fully autonomous, zero emission concept from Renault - Tree Hugger

Something like this could be on the roads by 2022.

TreeHugger has said it many times before, but fully autonomous cars probably won't look much like cars anymore. And still, cars are so ingrained in our popular consciousness that I, personally, have a hard time picturing what comes next.

Fortunately, the automotive industry is beginning to explore concepts that should help move our collective imagination along.

One of the most intriguing I have seen is the Renault EV-GO, an electric, urban and fully autonomous transport module that will be owned and maintained by either public or private transportation services, and which users will be able to hail using their smart phone, watch or—presumably—cognitive implant too. So far, so unoriginal. But where the EV-GO does capture my attention is that it looks like a really pleasant, user friendly environment that makes the most of the fact that we won't need to drive anymore.

Fully Charged's Jonny Smith took a deep dive recently, and as usual he does a much better job than I ever could of exploring the technical and automotive design details. But among the insights gleaned from his video are that this is designed to pull up flush to a curb and pop open its roof so you can walk right in seamlessly, and also that there is tons of glass to make sure you don't feel cut off from the city you are exploring.

Also worthy of note, says Jonny, is the fact that the interior takes its design cues more from home or office furniture than it does any conventional car design. And, most importantly, that Renault is committed to having fully autonomous, all or partially electric vehicles on the road by 2022. Maybe Tony Seba isn't so far off with his predictions after all...

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