I’m leaving on a jet plane, I don’t know when I’ll be back again! - GVF

Kidding – of course I’ll be back but not before enjoying some fun in the sun! I’m leaving tomorrow (Friday, 27th) to Anaheim, California for ACT International’s Conference (July 28th – Aug. 1st). I had the pleasure of chairing this year’s conference, which is one of ACT’s record high attendance AND a SOLD OUT event - close to 600 attendees! Wow, I can’t wait! Before enjoying too much sun, I’ll be starting off my trip with our National board of directors’ meeting on Saturday. This is my second term as an At Large Director and I hope to be elected again next year, as I submitted my nomination this month (shameless plug – rock the vote, and vote for me!). Sunday evening is the Opening Reception! With the beautiful California weather, an outside patio is a perfect setting for a fun networking event with so many attendees and catching up with “old” friends. Monday morning officially kicks off the program for the Conference. As the conference chair, I will have an opportunity to greet the audience, and really taking time to thank ALL the volunteers who helped make this conference one of the most successful events. Under tremendous leadership of ACT’s executive director, David Straus, and events and programs manager, Casey Murphy, it was an honor to chair this International Conference and help make it very successful! I switch gears to presenting mode come the afternoon on Monday, where I will moderate and present at our TMA Council sponsored session: “Hear How TMAs are Benchmarking Themselves with Innovative Programming and Implementation of Apps”. (That’s a long title but will sure be a great session!). I chair the National TMA Council and one of our major projects this past year was conducting a survey of all of the TMAs throughout the country and the end goal is to create a database, which will be used as a valuable resource for TMAs. I will present on the highlights from the study, as well as unveiling our findings from GVF’s TDM plan (1st ever in the Greater Philadelphia region, by the way!) that we conducted for the Fort Washington Office Park (20 miles from Philadelphia). Monday afternoon, I’ll be running our TMA Council meeting, along side my vice chair, Jonathan Hopkins (E.D. at Commute Seattle). We will be discussing the TMA survey, what are TMA’s priorities and what should the Council be focusing on for the remaining year, into 2019. In addition to attending several sessions, I’ll finish up my first conference day by attending ourMid-Atlantic Chapter meeting, where we will be discussing some of the planning for 2019 conference, as we are hosting it! Tuesday is a light day (as far as presenting goes). Several sessions look interesting so that’s always a difficult decision on which to choose, but it’s also a great problem to have if the conference has that many great sessions. Tuesday afternoon there is a Council leadership meeting where we will meet with ACT’s executive team. Wednesday morning (the final conference day) is the Awards Ceremony. This is always a fun “closing” event since we announce the location of our next conference (Spoiler alert: fun NY songs to be played). Mid-Atlantic Chapter members will “parade” in wearing their fav NY sports team, or anything Broadway, since that’s the theme next year. GVF is a finalist in the Marketing category. Fingers crossed we will be bringing home the gold with a big win! Can’t wait to share pictures of my conference journey on social media. Follow me @Maureen_Farrell.