New transit app simplifies city trips with real-time bikeshare info - Curbed

The proliferation of new ways to get around cities—hello, dockless scooters—has created a dizzying array of choices, without many clear ways to evaluate every mobility option. A new set of high-tech tools released today aims to provide more clarity, better routing, and ideally, encourage multimodal trips and transit usage.

Built by Coord, a data mobility startup backed by Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs, these tools will give users the ability to plan multimodal trips in both New York City, Washington, D.C, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago. The startup’s new Router app will show users the most efficient routes across town, taking into account a wider variety of transit options than most navigation apps, including fixed and dockless bike share systems.

By presenting more options and utilizing bikes as first-mile/last-mile solutions, the Router app offers better real-time transit solutions while increasing the utility of subways and light rail. Train trips that may have seemed unfeasible, due to the perceived time it would take to walk to the nearest station, may actually be the quickest option once Coord helps steer users to a nearby bike share option.

“Ultimately, we’re excited about the possibility for technology to make transit work more efficiently,” says Stephen Smyth, the CEO of Coord. “It’s not hard to find opportunities where transit systems could operate better.”

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