Lyft launches carpooling service - The Star

Lyft has added a pooling service in Toronto, the car-sharing company announced Tuesday.

Similar to Uber’s car-pooling, Lyft Line will allow riders to connect with other passengers heading the same direction. As with Uber Pool, passengers will split the cost of the ride.

The inclusion of a car-pooling service comes nearly three months after the company expanded into Canada in December. The company directly rivals Uber in Toronto, although more rideshare services, including woman-centred app DriveHer, have started cropping up.

Unlike Uber, Lyft’s car-pooling will only be available when requests are in high demand. The option is available in areas where users are frequently hailing a Lyft driver, and will be available within city limits, the service confirmed. If there is not enough online-traffic on the app, the option to order Lyft Line will not be available, although users can still call a Lyft.

Lyft also said it is offering up to $10 off rides along the King St. pilot corridor, from Bathurst to Jarvis Sts. Passengers heading to King St. can access the promo until April 8.

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