Bike industry bigwig says bikes will need to communicate with self-driving cars - Treehugger

They want to build beacons into bikes. Will implants in pedestrians be next?

Bikes are tough for autonomous cars. We saw recently how Uber couldn't detect one being walked across an empty street. Renault and Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn complains that when it comes to AVs, "One of the biggest problems is people with bicycles. The car is confused by [cyclists] because from time-to-time they behave like pedestrians and from time-to-time they behave like cars." Ghosn also complained that cyclists were free-spirits: "They don't respect any rules usually."

We noted a few months ago that companies were designing "bike to vehicle" systems so that the AVs would know where those pesky free-spirited cyclists were. Now, Carlton Reid of Bike Biz reports that even senior people in the bicycle industry support building beacons into bikes. At a recent symposium on the Future Networked Car, the general manager of the Confederation for the European Bicycle Industry said, “Bicycles will definitely have to communicate with other vehicles.”

Manuel Marsilio is quoted by Reid:

“We need to find solutions to make cycling safer,” he said. “It is not easy for human drivers to see cyclists on the roads, to predict their movements, and at the same time bicycles are generally considered the most difficult detection problem that vehicles systems are currently facing.”

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