Digging into the data of dockless (and other shared) bike systems - Mobility Lab

Mobility Lab’s Transportation Techies brought tech lovers together last week at the Black Cat nightclub in Washington, D.C., to dig into the troves of data generated by the growing number of bikeshare companies in the capital and its surrounding communities.

Among other show-and-tells, Bikeshare Hack Night VIII presenters showed their development of bikeshare user profiles, their creation of new ways to map and check bike availability, and the ways they figured out how to make real-time data even more available to planners, researchers, and app developers.

Who uses bikeshare and how?

Joe Haaga dug into quarterly reports from Capital Bikeshare – CaBi, to fans of the docked bikes operator – for a thesis project aimed at identifying variables that affect ridership. Looking at data as diverse as ride time to the millisecond, origin/destination, and D.C. government maps, he graphed out how membership type, days of the week, and even weather influenced people’s behaviors.

As one might expect, ridership decreased on colder days, and casual riders spent longer on the bikes than members, who tended to use the system for commuting. Diving deeper allowed Haaga to break out the average number of trips per bike and create a heat map of highly utilized bikes. That showed bikes clustered around downtown D.C.

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