Waze Carpool made more passenger-friendly in new update - International Business Times

The Waze Carpool app may be a newcomer in the ride-hailing race but Google surely knows how to make it more passenger-friendly. In a new update, the Uber competitor in the US brings a couple of features that make it better than any carpool service.

Google on Monday released the latest Waze Carpool update aiming to optimise app usage. Riders can now schedule rides in advance, allowing them to book up to seven days of rides in one request.

Waze Carpool also adds the "Find me a ride back" button to request a roundtrip ride to destination and back to starting point. On top of that, Google features a price breakdown on each ride through the 'more information' icon so passengers have an idea before booking a ride. Overall, minor bug fixes and enhancements have been rolled out.

Since Waze Carpool's launch in May, Google's service has been giving Uber and Lyft a good competition. Unlike its major competitors, Waze Carpool limits payments, and drivers are only allowed a maximum of two rides per day.

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