Tech may be the cure for collisions between buses and people biking and walking - Mobility Lab

Uri Tamir of Intel’s Mobileye and Mobility Momma last discussed how vehicle cameras can now eliminate blind spots, warn drivers about bikers and walkers, and map bike and pedestrian hot spots.

While the brains of automated vehicles may not be able to predict cyclist behavior, Tamir said that Mobileye’s Shield+ technology can still help protect bicyclists and pedestrians.

Tamir added that advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) reduce “the frequency of collisions but also their severity, which is particularly important to cyclists, who are one of the most vulnerable road users.”

We began our conversation at Ft. Meyer, the military base in Arlington, Va., where we were reviewing the feasibility of an automated shuttle service and discussing safety applications for ADAS in Defense Department vehicles housed on the base.

I had some more questions for him about ADAS – a crucial precursor technology in the ongoing unveiling of automated vehicles (AVs).

Kelley Coyner: While you’re working to solve that riddle of AVs being able to predict cyclist behavior, what are ways that AV tech can be used now to protect bicyclists and pedestrians?

Uri Tamir: There is no need to wait [for AVs to hit the road].

Mobileye’s systems provide sufficient time, either to the driver or to the vehicle’s actuation system, to take action and possibly avoid, or at least mitigate, the severity of a collision. Collision avoidance is a fairly immediate solution if you consider some other methods available to increasing bicycle safety (like bicycle helmets).

How do ADAS improve bike and pedestrian safety?

Each year, about 2 percent of motor-vehicle crash deaths are bicyclists. And that is after cities and the governments have spent millions of dollars on education and training programs to increase the use of safe-riding habits and helmet use.

ADAS does not replace those best driving/riding practices that governments are so desperate to promote – drivers should always be highly aware of vulnerable road users and cyclists should always ride with caution and make sure they wear helmets. But collision-avoidance systems that alert the driver of an imminent collision with bikes and pedestrians have the ability to make safer cities across the United States.

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