A Q&A with Sarah Clark Stuart, Philly’s biggest bicycling advocate - Curbed

A discussion about biking in Philly doesn’t go without a mention of Sarah Clark Stuart. She’s been at the helm of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia as executive director since November 2015; but she’s been a part of the coalition in one way or another since 2009.

In Stuart’s role, she’s tasked with being arguably the biggest bike advocate in Philly and the surrounding region. The coalition’s mission is to make bicycling in Philly a fun—and safe—way to get around the city and metro, which includes four suburban counties in Pennsylvania and South Jersey.

At a time when tensions are high in this city among drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians, we took some time to check in with Stuart to talk shop on everything from future bike lanes to awesome trails to biking advice for beginners.

When someone asks you how bike-friendly Philly is, what’s is your typical response?

I say that Philadelphia has terrific bones to be a very bike-friendly city. It has a central commercial core with dense residential neighborhoods right around it, and it’s relatively flat and a tight grid of city streets. All of that creates an environment where motor vehicle traffic is traveling at a fairly low speed and where lots of destinations are not far from each other. All of those conditions are very good for traveling and using a bicycle for transportation to and from daily destinations.

What is on the top of your wish list for Philly's bike infrastructure system? The Bicycle Coalition is in its 45th year of existence, and we’ve worked very hard to ensure that the city develops plans for a bike lane network. That happened in 2010 and 2012, and since then, we have been working very diligently to encourage the implementation of that network as fast as possible.

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