7 game-changing transportation projects planned for Philly - Curbed

Philly is on the move, whether it’s by car, bus, bike, subway, or foot. More and more people are riding SEPTA, bike lanes are slowly but surely being added to the streets, and we’ve finally made the switch from tokens to card payments. his city continues to be one of the most walkable in the nation.

But there’s still a lot of work to be done when it comes to improving and building Philly’s transportation infrastructure. Here, we highlight six transportation projects that all have potential to be game-changers for this city and its 1.5 million residents.

A new neighborhood around an improved 30th Street Station

This $6.5 billion project led by Amtrak has set the bar high: Its overarching goal is to transform both 30th Street Station and the surrounding area into an innovative transportation hub and mixed-use neighborhood. How so? By building out 18 million square feet of new development and 40 acres of green space. Already, Amtrak is in search of a master developer to take on the big-time project.

But this project isn’t just about creating more green space and new buildings. A big portion of this master plan involves the actual 30th Street Station, which already sees about 4 million Amtrak passengers travel through each year—that number is projected to double by 2040.

As it stands now, the station and the surrounding area isn’t very pedestrian- or traveler-friendly, for that matter. Much of the planned changes directly involving 30th Street Station involve creating more public space and addressing the traffic issues. Loading will be changed, there will be a new bus station that doesn’t require crossing a busy intersection. And—fingers crossed—there will be a direct underground connection between the SEPTA line and Amtrak.

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