BMW's X2City electric kick scooter will go on sale later this year - Treehugger

Don't look for it at car dealers, though, because it will only be sold in bike shops.

In some circles, there's a certain amount of prestige attached to owning specific brands (but not here on TreeHugger, of course), and for some people this fall, they'll probably be lined up to be able to say they just bought a BMW. However, instead of the much vaunted electric i3, they'll be purchasing a smaller two-wheeled vehicle, and one that will fit into a closet instead of a parking space.

The forthcoming BMW Motorrad X2City is described as a "kick-scooter with electric auxiliary drive" with a top speed of up to 25 kph (~15.5 mph) and a driving range per charge of between 25 and 35 km (~15.5 to 21.7 miles). According to the company, the scooter is classified as Pedelec25, which can be ridden by those ages 14 and up without requiring a license or a helmet. With a weight of about 20 kg (44 lb), and the ability to fold up for transporting in a vehicle or for storage, the X2City could be either a standalone transportation solution or a last-mile conveyance that can help people avoid the search for parking spots and make it easier to move through congested urban areas.

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