Driverless cars: Who's doing what, and how it impacts urban transportation - Curbed

Fully autonomous cars haven’t truly hit the road in any significant numbers, yet when it comes to the steady cycle of reports about the latest developments, newsfeeds already seem to have achieved informational gridlock. The signal-to-noise ratio makes it hard to juggle all the updates about the latest business developments and engineering advances, not to mention thinking about how this game-changing tech will shape our cities, real estate, roadways, and even parking garages.

To make sense of the latest developments, and how they’ll shape the future of urban transportation, Curbed took a look at the big players currently shaping the AV landscape, and how their next steps will impact how we get around our cities in the future. If AVs can come of age at the same time ride-hailing and electric vehicle technology are embraced by the masses, leading to a dramatic decrease in car ownership, it will create a true revolution in urban mobility.

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