As of June 1st, SEPTA will be one step closer to the full integration of the SEPTA Key. On June 1st, subway, bus, trolley and Norristown High Speed Line users will no longer be able to purchase traditional magnetic-stripe Weekly and Monthly Transpasses, and One Day Convenience Passes at SEPTA sale offices, cashier booths, or ticket offices at Center City Regional Rail Stations. To find out if the location you purchase your tickets at will be impacted, check the list of locations here: .

Instead, these purchases will need to be made through the SEPTA Key. The SEPTA Key will be available for purchase at Fare Kiosks in transit stations, major bus loops, and SEPTA sales offices. Other fare products will continue to be sold, including tokens and Trail Passes.

With the SEPTA Key, comes additional benefits for users. SEPTA riders can now benefit from balance protection from loss or theft. In order to enjoy this new benefit riders will need to register their Key Card by calling the Key Customer Call Center at 855-567-3782, or by following the instructions as provided by SEPTA’s Question and Answer page.

Another benefit is the ability to reload your card at a Transit Fare Kiosk, online at the SEPTA Key website, over the phone by calling 855-567-3782 and/or at SEPTA Sales Offices. Additionally, passengers can use a Travel Wallet which will replace cash, tokens and transfers for those occasional trip takers. The SEPTA wallet will effectively allow all SEPTA products to be at your fingertips!

It is important to note that Regional Rail riders will not be impacted by the change. A date is not yet set for the implementation of the SEPTA Key on the Regional Rail network.

For more information on the SEPTA Key visit SEPTA’s website at: To view SEPTA’s Press Release announcing the change click here. Additionally, look for Key Ambassadors at SEPTA locations to answer any questions you may have about the SEPTA Key.